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Yes – and no. Nearly every week I have a discussion with customers about trains.

Bride: “I don’t want a dress with a train”

Me: “Is that because you don’t like them, or because you think it will get in the way?”

Bride: “I’d like one but I think its going to be a pain, with people stepping on it, dragging through the dirt etc etc”

So its back to compromising again – some brides want a train but think they shouldn’t have one because it will cause them problems.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s really easy to fix (for most dresses, anyway). For very little extra cost, the seamstress puts a small hidden loop about halfway down your train, and then either adds a hidden hook, or uses the buttons that might already be there, so that the train loop can be hooked up, leaving the end of the train just at floor length. Nothing for the bride to have to hold, nothing dragging around on the floor.

So you can have your train for your big moment and photos, and then hook it up out of the way pretty much straight after if you want to. No compromise.

(And those satin loops on the underside of dresses that some brides use to hold their trains out of the way – that’s not really what they are there for! You can use them that way if you want to, but then you get to see the probably dirty underside of the skirt for the rest of the day, and who wants that? Get a bustle hook added, you won’t regret it!)

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