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When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s easy for things to quickly get costly and overwhelming. Between budgeting, finding a venue, dress, sending out invitations, crafting the perfect wedding hashtag, choosing your menu, settling on a theme, coordinating your chosen suppliers and much more, you might find yourself getting lost in the logistics and planning of it all. This is why you might decide to choose to keep it simple and have what’s known in the industry as a ‘micro wedding.’

A micro wedding is a more intimate wedding. Typically attended by no more than 50 guests, it’s a celebration that is scaled-down but still features all of the traditions of a classic wedding, and became and increasingly popular both during and just after lockdown.

Of course, if you have always planned on having a huge wedding, then by all means go for it! It’s your day, which deserves to be perfect down to the last detail. But there can be lots of perks to having a micro wedding or for opting to keep it simple.


One of the more appealing reasons why you may consider a micro wedding is that typically they are very budget friendly. I say typically, because whilst in theory a smaller size celebration should mean lower costs, things can always add up quickly! However, instead of accounting for the cost of an additional 50+ guests, you can over spend elsewhere on things that may mean more to you as a couple - maybe a videographer, a designer wedding dress, splurge on your honeymoon or go crazy on the entertainment side – you deserve it!

Meaningful Moments

Talk to anyone who has had their wedding day and they typically say the same thing: that their day flew by so fast they barely had chance to talk to one another never mind speak to all of their guests! A big advantage to having a micro wedding is that there will be more time to have intimate conversations with all of your guests. Spending meaningful time with your loved ones will make the occasion more special for everyone.

Venue Options

A smaller wedding equals fewer guests, and fewer guests gives you more venue options. Keeping your wedding small and simple means you could use a family home, a private

dining room at your favourite restaurant or even an overnight luxury rental accommodation for your entire wedding party to stay. You’ll really be able to wow your guests with your creative and unique venue and if your guests stay too, it prolongs the celebrations. Even destination weddings become more feasible with a micro wedding.

Add a personal touch

Keeping your wedding more intimate opens up options to add more of the personal touch to your day. Less guests means less invitations, favours, centrepieces, food menus and more meaning you’ll be able to focus your attention on making sure each detail is absolutely perfect and you may even decide to ensure that all of it is personalised.

Go big on a feature!

With fewer budget constraints you have the chance to invest in a special feature. Perhaps you want to enhance the party experience with live mixologists, do a fireworks display or have a build-your-own dessert station or food truck. Or perhaps you just decide to focus on the elements of the wedding that are most important to you!

Micro weddings enable you to bring your closest friends and family together for a more intimate celebration. They can also be easier to plan and save you money. But there’s no perfect recipe for a wedding. Whether you plan to go big or decide to keep it intimate, the most important thing that matters is that you and your partner are happy and that the wedding is a reflection of you as a couple and your marriage.

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