• Claire Ingram


Choosing your wedding suppliers is an important part of your wedding planning. Not only are you trusting them to bring to life the vision you have spent months on, but you are also giving them serious amounts of money!

So how do you find trustworthy wedding suppliers? Here's my top three tips.

Use word of mouth / recommendations

Talk to people you know who have gotten married recently. Could they recommend somebody who did an amazing job at their wedding.

If you don't know anybody, ask at your venue. They'll usually have a list of trusted businesses within your budget who've worked there before. They'll also have the added bonus of knowing your venue.

Ask on local or wedding Facebook groups for recommendations for the suppliers you are looking for - and you can even ask for suppliers you should avoid!

Lastly check their reviews. This will give you a great indication of what kind of supplier they are.

Do your research

Look at their past wedding work, read their testimonials, ask to speak to past clients for recommendations. If possible, visit them to see their work / equipment etc with our own eyes.

Ask for quotes in writing and a contract. Check your invoices for VAT registration numbers and an address. All invoices should have an address.

Be careful about how you pay - Friends and Family on PayPal or BACs offer you little protection, whereas credit cards and other PayPal options give you more cover.

Trust your gut

If you've got an iffy feeling about someone you're chatting your gut. Most suppliers will do a great job of your wedding however like any industry there's always some people out there to make some quick cash!


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