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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding that’s totally about you and your partner, then a celebrant-led wedding may be for you. With this kind of wedding, if you have always dreamed of getting married in your parent’s garden, in the middle of the woods or even in a cave – you can!

They also allow you the freedom to create a wedding completely your way so you can throw out tradition if you want to and up the FUN element. If you want to incorporate dancing, a game, an important ritual, something that’s important to your culture, some singing – you can!

A celebrant will spend time getting to know you, and design & conduct a ceremony that’s totally unique to you and your partner. As part of the ceremony they can share your love story – how you met, how you fell in love, the proposal, your best times, what you’ve learnt in your not so good times – whatever you want to share. They can help you choose poems and readings that represent you as a couple and that are suited to the vibe of your wedding. They can also help you if you want to write your own readings or vows.

A celebrant-led ceremony means that every part of the wedding is unique and allows your personality and love story to shine through.

Include your guests in your ceremony

If you’d like to get your guests more involved in the service than just watching, the options at a celebrant led wedding are endless. There are lots of rituals that your celebrant can include in your ceremony to symbolise your love for one another, for example:

Your could have a hand fasting or knot tying ceremony and ask your guests to bring along ribbons on the day. These can then be plaited together or woven to form your tie.

Ring warmings are becoming more popular - the wedding rings are passed around all of the guests and held briefly in their hands ‘warming them up’ with good wishes for your future together.

You could have a sand-blending ritual, where each guest takes turns adding their chosen coloured sand to a container. This ritual symbolizes the coming together of families.

And you can even get your pets more involved, for example by being your ring bearer.


In some places in the world you can only be married between 8am and 6pm. With a Celebrant-led wedding, you can get married at whatever time you like! You could plan a ceremony that rolls into your New Years Eve Party and see in the New Year as a married couple. Or if you’re morning people, perhaps you want to have your wedding ceremony as the sun rises over your favourite cliff top view with just the two of you. A Celebrant led ceremony gives you the opportunity for a fully flexible wedding day on your timings!

You get to choose who conducts your ceremony

Your wedding will be a day when you want to be surrounded by the people you like and love. So wouldn’t it be great if the person with you at the front, the one sharing your story and gently guiding you through your vows, was a wedding celebrant you had chosen and who you had the chance to get to know before your day. Your ceremony will be delivered by someone you have come to know, like and trust, not just by the person allocated to your date and who you meet that morning. Your celebrant will take time to meet with you both in the lead up to your wedding, get to know you both, your story, your likes, dislikes, your values, and then craft a personalised ceremony that is absolutely unique to you both as a couple.

Although not legally recognised in some areas at the moment, Celebrant led ceremonies are becoming more and more popular with modern couples who don't want the traditional elements of a ceremony that perhaps don’t mean much to them. You can still legally register your wedding for around £50 before or after your ceremony and your chosen celebrant can advise you on the options that are best for you as a couple.

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