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(Veil lengths will slightly depend on where on your head you place it and how tall you are)

  • FINGERTIP VEIL – reaches to the tips of your fingers when your hands are by your sides.

  • BALLET VEIL – reaches to your ankles.

  • CHAPEL VEIL – around 2 1/3 yards – so some of it will be on the floor.

  • CATHEDRAL VEIL – around 3 ½ yards – so a lot of it will be on the floor.

  • BOLERO JACKET – usually a short jacket worn over your dress and removable. Often in lace but sometimes in satin, chiffon or organza, can have various sleeve lengths and necklines.

  • OVERTOP – a removable top that you can wear over your dress (usually over a sleeveless or spaghetti strap dress) to give you another look or more coverage. Usually lace but can be other fabrics, can have various types of sleeves or be sleeveless and have various necklines.

  • OVERDRESS - a removable dress that covers the entire dress underneath. Usually to give you a 2-in-1 option.

  • BARDOT OVERTOP – an off-the-shoulder removable overtop, usually made of lace, or tulle with lace appliques.

  • OVERSKIRT – a removable skirt that goes over the top of your dress to give you 2 options in one. May be a fuller skirt over a slimmer dress to give you two silhouettes, or a sparkly option to give you a different look for day v evening. Can be in various fabrics.

  • SASH – a belt that can be worn on a dress to give it more sparkle / detail or to enhance a waistline. Can be removable or sewn onto the dress.

  • A-LINE PETTICOAT – goes under an A-line dress to ensure the dress holds the shape – the gentle, gradual flare from the waist. They can be narrower or wider at the bottom to give you the more narrow or full ‘A’ shape according to which you prefer. They often have a hoop at the bottom to hold the shape. Usually in 190, 220, 270 and 320 cm sizes.

  • BALLGOWN / CRINOLINE PETTICOAT – ballgown wedding dresses are usually very full and often need the right petticoat to ensure that they hold that full shape. Again, they can have various widths and number of hoops depending just how full you want to go!

  • MERMAID/FISHTAIL PETTICOAT – designed to help mermaid/fishtail and sometimes fit and flare wedding dress have a bit more shape at the bottom. They flare out from below the knee to give the dress that characteristic flare at the bottom (and to make it easier to walk in!)

  • TEA-LENGTH PETTICOAT – shorter petticoats designed to help enhance the vintage, fuller look. May sometimes 'peek' out the bottom of the dress for a classic 50s look.

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