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  • TULLE – a sheer net – think veils, ballerina skirts.

  • TAFFETA – a more thick or stiff fabric, similar to satin but often rustles when it moves with a shinier finish.

  • SATIN – a smooth, sometimes shiny fabric, can be thick or thin. Duchess Satin is the thicker style often associated with royal wedding and occasion dresses.

  • CHIFFON – a lightweight, drapey fabric that can be semi-sheer.

  • ORGANZA – stiffer and slightly heavier than chiffon but still semi-sheer. Sometimes with a slight sheen.

  • CREPE – a woven, slightly heavier fabric that usually gives a lovely drape with a matte finish.

  • GEORGETTE – a more sheer, lightweight crepe fabric with a matte finish.

  • BROCADE – a richly-patterned, often heavier woven fabric, often made with gold or silver threads.

  • GUIPURE LACE – technically embroidery rather than lace, it has no mesh backing and is slightly heavier and more open than lace.

  • CORDED LACE – the detail on the lace is highlighted by a cord, which gives the lace a slightly textured / raised look.

  • EMBROIDERED LACE – patterns are stitched onto an illusion base, giving an applique-like look.

  • CHANTILLY LACE – usually a fine and detailed lace, often used on vintage dresses.

  • EYELASH LACE – has little threads or ‘lashes’ along the edge, often seen on necklines, straps or hems

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