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Spring and summer are popular seasons to marry due to the warm temperatures, longer days and gorgeous florals - But there is something magical about a winter wedding celebration. If you’ve decided to have a winter wedding and you are wondering how to make the most of your day, here are some tips to throwing the perfect winter wedding.

Check the locations available at your venue

Ask what areas are available to use on the day by you and your guests. Are there any outdoor areas available if the weather is good? Are these sheltered in the case of wind? Are there any outdoor heaters? If you only plan to be indoors, are you happy that there are still suitable areas to have photos taken? Be sure to ask lots of questions and come up with a plan that is best for you and your guests.

It’s a good idea to plan an evening visit, as with the light on the day being limited you may find that a large part of your day happens when the sun goes down. How cosy is your venue? What lighting is available? Thinking about these things will ensure everyone will have a great day.

Keep your guests warm and cosy

When winter comes around, we all love being bundled up in big knits and chunky scarves, not to mention those layers. Hosting a winter wedding is the perfect time to amplify the cosiness. Having a drink that feels festive will help all of your guests get into the right mood for a winter party. Ask your venue for hot toddys or classic mulled wine tto help them warm and keep everyone in good spirits.

If you decide to have an outdoor ceremony or have photographs or a drinks reception outside, scatter baskets of blankets and knit scarves around the grounds. Keep a few blankets aside to place on benches or any outdoor seating too! And even if you are opting for a church wedding, find out how well the church is heated - you may want some extra blankets in there too!

Keep yourself warm too!

I had a winter wedding, and I can ensure that, despite what I was told, brides do indeed feel the cold! So make sure you plan for a faux fur or wool wrap to wear overy your wedding dress. You can take it off for photos but blue and shivery is not a great look for a bride!

Embrace some festive décor and candles

Nothing screams winter wonderland like sparkly lights and the flicker of candles. Incorporate them into table decorations and any outdoor spaces for a gorgeous winter vibe. A winter wedding is also the perfect time to opt for a seasonal colour palette, whether that’s pairing whites and soft pastels or choosing reds and greens.

No matter which colour scheme you choose, make sure you incorporate it in everything from your invitations to your décor elements to create a cohesive look throughout. You may decide to add some fake snow across your table linens or incorporate some faux fur throws around the venue. It’s the small and intricate details that will elevate your winter wedding.

Find out what your venue plans in terms of Christmas decorations too - it may save you money if they are already going to town with trees, wreaths and other festive decorations.

Choose a wintery dessert

To continue the wintry theme, take traditional aspects of a wedding and put a fun, customized and wintery twist on them. Surprise your guests with something they won’t have seen before such as a hot chocolate station, filled with small and seasonally inspired desserts. Instead of a classic wedding cake, perhaps go with something warm such as a gorgeous ginger cake. Don’t be afraid to try something new and get creative with your menu options, as it’s exactly this sort of personalisation that will make your wedding day memorable and your guests feel taken care of and loved.

Get the party started ASAP

There’s no better way to keep warm than by dancing the night away. Make sure you get the party started not long after dinner to ensure a full dance floor.

Check if there’s any savings to be made

Winter is the least popular season to get married, although we are seeing more winter weddings. Ask venues and suppliers if they offer discounted rates or special deals for the winter months.

From walking through white, fluffy snow, feeling the crisp air on your cheeks or sipping champagne with your guests to the warmth of the fireplace, a winter wedding is a truly magical experience.

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