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Let's talk about a favourite topic of!

Choosing the food for your wedding is an important occasion, although it has all of the ingredients to be a stressful one. Balancing dietary requirements, sticking to budgets and reflecting the tone of your event are all things you'll be wanting to consider when choosing your menu.

Here's my top tips when it comes to picking your wedding food for your big day. Let me know your favourite in the comments below:

1) Choose your caterers early on in the process - venues usually either have an in house team or a list of suppliers they have worked with in the past you can utilise. If you are hiring a marquee make sure catering is next on your list to book. Your catering is going to take up a large chunk of the budget so book early so you can then decide on other things.

2) Give your caterers as much information as possible. Communication is key! From day one give an accurate representation of how many people will attend for the day and evening, whether you are feeding any of your suppliers, what drinks do you plan on serving, how many children need catering for and whether anyone has special dietary requirements.

3)Be bold! Make choices that you both love as a couple and don't be afraid to have something different. It'll make a good talking point for the day and beyond.

Which wedding food is your fave? Let me know in the comments!

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