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Here's a few tips I've picked up along the way working in the wedding industry and with hundreds of brides and lots of other wedding suppliers.

1) Your suppliers will know of some of the other best suppliers in the business and will have worked with others in the industry. Ask them for their recommendations and access to their network, they'll likely know someone who can bring your dream to life!

2) Knowing your number early on is going to determine lots of things in your wedding. From your venue size to your overall spend on the whole wedding - knowing your guest list and budget early on will help you throughout your whole process.

3) Planning a wedding can get overwhelming. There's a lot of different vendors to coordinate and different things to make decisions on. Break down your planning into manageable chunks, rope in the bridesmaids or groomsmen or other family and friends to help on certain tasks and don't be afraid to ask for help if you are getting overwhelmed by the planning process. It can seem lengthy but it will be all worth it on your day!

4) Be realistic about how much you can actually do yourself. DIYing is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but isn't worth it if it causes you lots of extra stress or doesn't actually get finished, so make sure you strike the right balance between DIY and letting others take the strain.

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