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From pimping your prosecco to singing waiters and magic tricks, these wedding ideas will be sure to wow your guests and create a party to remember!

1) Hire a caricaturist in place of having wedding favours. This is always a popular way to entertain your guests and will be sure to have a long line all night long.

2) Giant Jenga: Kids will love to get involved with this one! You can also set up some other lawn games such as ring toss, skittles, noughts and crosses and croquet. It'll provide your guests with lots to do at pauses in the wedding or whilst others are away taking photographs.

3) Pimp your prosecco bar with extras: Could there be anything more exciting than prosecco served with fruity, bursting bubbles, shimmers or sweet surprises.

4) Live Band: One of the easiest ways to ensure a packed dance floor all night is to choose a band and genre that people just can't help get up and dance to!

5) Ceilidh: Whether you’re Scottish or not, ceilidhs are one of the best wedding entertainment ideas to get all of your guests involved. Plus, they’re not something that everyone will have seen before.

6) Hire singing waiters - whilst not the cheapest of options, feedback on them is amazing - especially if you can keep it a secret from most of the wedding guests and party (and even your partner?) for maximum impact.

7) Magic! A perennial favourite, having close magic at the tables can also fill those gaps and get your guests gasping with amazement.

8) Disco - get your guests to send your their favourite songs, especially if they relate to the two of you. Guaranteed to get everyone up and boogying away.

Which is your favourite idea? Do you have anymore awesome entertainment ideas? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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